Pizza Menu

The Classic Margherita (v)
Tomato & mozzarella cheese, fresh oregano & basil leaves

Meat Feast
Diced chicken and pork pieces roasted in garlic & rosemary

Three Cheese Pizza (v) Mozzarella, mature cheddar and parmesan

BBQ Veggie (v)
Seasonal roasted vegetables glazed in BBQ flavours

Hawaiian Pizza Ham & Pineapple

Hot Pepperoni & Chorizo Passion
Spicy pepperoni topped with hot chilli sauce & mozzarella cheese

All accompanied with

Twice cooked potato wedges (v,vg)

Seasonal fresh salad with olive oil (v,vg)

Sour cream & chive dip (v)

Tomato ketchup & barbecue sauce (v)

Choose three of the above pizzas

Dietary menu available on request, certain items may contain traces of nuts

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